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ESIA (Environmental Impact and Social Assessment) for Long Term Financing Facility (LTFF)

Poribesh Protection Limited provide the Environmental Impact and Social Assessment (ESIA) service which is recognized by Bangladesh Bank for Long Term Financing Facility (LTFF) under the Financial Sector Support Project (FSSP) financed by IDA of  World Bank.

Poribesh Protection Limited already conducted Environmental Impact and Social Assessment (ESIA) for some projects which are approved by Bangladesh Bank are here.

It is an essential requirements for Long Term Financing Facility (LTFF) under the Financial Sector Support Project (FSSP) financed by IDA of  World Bank through Bangladesh Bank.

Bangladesh Bank (BB) intends to provide long term financing for private sector firms, mainly mid-size manufacturing firms under the Financial Sector Support Project (FSSP) financed by the International Development Association (IDA) of World Bank (WB). This financing would be offered in US Dollars (USD) and provided to the eligible banks, namely the Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs), authorized by BB to deal in foreign exchange for on lending/refinancing to the private sector firms.

The main objective of this facility is to provide long term financing in foreign currency for private sector firms with a view to contribute to increased outputs in the country. The financing will be available to exporters, small and medium scale enterprises and other private sector firms (expected to be mainly manufacturing units) in the country. This will contribute to firms’ enhanced competitiveness and likelihood of grabbing emerging business opportunities. These enterprises would also contribute to job creation and economic growth. In addition, the facility and related safeguards requirements would contribute towards the improvement in compliance with health and safety standards in Bangladesh.

The Objective of an ESIA

The Objective of an ESIA is to ensure that potential problems are foreseen and addressed at an early stage in the projects planning and design. To achieve this the assessment finding are communicated through a ESIA report to all the groups who will make decisions about the proposed projects that is the project developers their investors, as well as regulating authorities, planners and politicians, So that the expected benefit can be sustained with minimum and acceptable adverse environmental impacts. Environmental and Social Impacts Assessment need for Long Term Financing Facility (LTFF) under the Financial Sector Support Project (FSSP) from World Bank through Bangladesh Bank and Clearance from Department Of Environment, Bangladesh (DoE).

The description of the environment and social baseline conditions are made encompassing all relevant current baseline data on the environmental and social characteristics of the study area including physical, biological, ecological and social environments. In the backdrop of the above scenarios, the relevant regulations and standards governing environmental quality, health and safety, protection of sensitive areas, protection of endangered species, land use control, land acquisition, compensation, etc. at every level are described.

In action to the above, an analysis was conducted of reasonable alternatives in meeting the ultimate objects of the project including the ‘no action’ alternative, alternative means of meeting the energy requirements, alternative means of delivering gas, alternative methods of construction including cost and reliability factors.

Viewed against these, all significant impacts were identified and evaluated including atmospheric emissions and changes in ambient air quality, discharge of effluent and ambient water quality impacts, changes in ambient noise and local land use patterns, impacts due to land acquisition, impacts of the project and its activates on the community’s access to social infrastructure (e .g. potable water, health centers, school, irrigation and extension services), and local developments.

Following identification of potential impacts, efforts have been taken to distinguish between positive and negative impacts, direct and indirect impacts including impacts from possible accidents and long-term impacts. Attempts are made to describe the impacts quantitatively in terms of environmental and social cost and benefits and assigning economic values where feasible.

Finally, an Environmental, Safety and Social Management Plan to mitigate negative impacts has been developed, including a detailed Environmental and Social Management Plan with feasible and cost-effective measures to prevent or reduce significant negative impacts to an acceptable level, and containing detailed implementation plans, monitoring indicators and clear allocation of responsibility among project sponsors construction contractors, government agencies, and community-based organization. Also, an Environmental and Safety Management Plan, focusing on mitigation measures to address the environmental and safety consequences associated with the project for both construction and operational phases has been prepared.

Environmental Impact and Social Assessment (ESIA), Which include mainly Background of the project, Consistency with DOE Guidelines, World Bank Safeguard Policy/ Guidelines and Bangladesh Bank Guidelines, Policies and Legislation, ETP and Other Treatment Plants, Present Status of the Project, Physico-Chemical, Biological, Socio-economic Condition, Public Consultations, Identification of Potential Impact, Scoping of Impacts, Prediction, Evaluation and Mitigation Measures of Impacts, Impacts on Physico-Chemical, Socio-Economic Environment, Indigenous people, land acquisition, Hydrological Impact, Geotechnical Investigation, Environmental Management Plan, Monitoring Requirement, Sound / Noise Level, Light, Temperature & Humidity, Stack Emission, Air Quality, Monitoring Indicators, Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), Conclusions and Recommendations.

Poribesh Protection Limited provide the ESIA & Advisory support in line with the requirement of Long Term Financing Facility (LTFF) under the Financial Sector Support Project (FSSP) financed by IDA of  World Bank through Bangladesh Bank to our valued clients by professional specialists. If you have any query on any aspect of the proposal, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

“We all wish to see you growing up your business by doing no harm to our beautiful homeland.”

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