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Poribesh Protection Limited is an environmental Inspection, Testing, Monitoring, Training, Consultancy, Research & Development Company in Bangladesh. Environmentally friendly business become essential in today’s world. As a result, an environmental issue has become an important part of every social (e.g.: DoE for Environmental Clearance and other issue, Bangladesh Bank for LTFF, World Bank, Environmental & Social Audit, Compliance Audit, BSCI, ISO, ICS, WRAP, Wal-Mart, Sedex, Buyers’ Audits, International Certification body, Various types of code of conduct audit of buyers, Govt. Officers and Buyers such as H&M, C&A and Others etc.). Noise/ Sound, Light, Temperature, Humidity, Stack Air Emission of Generators, Stack Air Emission of Boilers, Indoor Air Quality, Outdoor Air Quality, Carbon Foot printing, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Impact and Social Assessment (ESIA), Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) are part of it. Poribesh protection ltd. supply services in those fields. Poribesh Protection Ltd. is committed to quality supports to maintain a high level of service to its clients in Bangladesh.