• January 1, 2015
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Humidity Level Monitoring is required by H & M buyer for higg index, BSCI,  LEED, BPEI, Sedex, WRAP, ICS, Wal-Mart, Buyers’ Audits, International Certification body, GSCP, IFC/World Bank, Bangladesh Bank, Govt. Officers & Various types of Buyer Code of Conduct Audits etc.

The temperature of the country has the relationship with the period of rainfall. In general cool seasons coincide with the period of lowest rainfall. As would be expected, relative humidity during the wet season is significantly higher than those occurring at other period of the year.

Poribesh Protection Limited always tries to provide the best quality service & technical support in line with requirement to our valued clients by professional specialists. If you have any query on any aspect of the test, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

“We all wish to see you growing up your business by doing no harm to our beautiful homeland.”

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