• January 1, 2015
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Light level monitoring is required by higg index, BSCI,  LEED, BPEI, Sedex, WRAP, ICS, Wal-Mart, Buyers’ Audits, International Certification body, GSCP, IFC/World Bank, Bangladesh Bank, Govt. Officers & Various types of Buyer Code of Conduct Audits etc.

The too much light can also cause safety and health problems such as “glare” headaches and stress. Both can lead to mistakes at work, poor quality and low productivity. Various studies suggest that good lighting at the workplace pays dividends in terms of improved productivity and a reduction in errors.

The essential features of an efficiency lightning system are:

  1. Visual comfort through adequate illumination of the working surface, prevention of glare and avoidance of shadows,
  2. Ease of maintenance.

The design of a lighting system shall involve:

  1. Careful planning of the brightness and color pattern within both the working area and the surrounding so that attention is drawn naturally to the important areas, detail is seen quickly and accurately and the room is free from any sense of gloomy or monotomy.
  2. Use of directional lighting to assist perception of task detail.
  3. Controlling direct and reflected glare from light sources to eliminate visual discomfort.
  4. Minimizing flicker from certain types of lamps and paying attention to the colour rendering properties of the light.
  5. The correlation of the lighting throughout the building to prevent excessive differences between adjacent areas, so as to reduce the risk of accidents and
  6. The installation of emergency lighting systems, where necessary.
Poribesh Protection Limited always tries to provide the best quality service & technical support in line with requirement to our valued clients by professional specialists. If you have any query on any aspect of the test, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

“We all wish to see you growing up your business by doing no harm to our health.”

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