• January 1, 2015
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Noise / Sound

Noise level monitoring is required by H & M buyer for higg index, BSCI,  LEED, BPEI, Sedex, WRAP, ICS, Wal-Mart, Buyers’ Audits, International Certification body, GSCP, IFC/World Bank, Bangladesh Bank, Govt. Officers & Various types of Buyer Code of Conduct Audits etc.

Noise Impact Origin

Noise level must has to be less than 85 dBA because working under a condition more than 85 dBA is harmful for health in short and long term. Mainly personnel working at the generator, Boiler, Heavy machineries, Power plant, Vehicles, Production  is at high risk because the noise level found higher than the acceptable limit of both Department of Environment Bangladesh (DoE) and World Health Organization.

 Mitigation measures

To reduce the noise from generator & boiler room, we should built separate room for generator & boiler which has been constructed with 150 mm thick wall which will reduce the noise level 40 dBA. So, the noise level will be reduced to 60 dBA. So it will be within the standard limit of World Bank and DoE. The result exceeded the standard limit. In case of the noise pollution near machines should be minimized by using ear protection by the worker adjacent to it.

 Proposed Mitigation and Enhancement Measures

  1. Provision of silencers for generators
  2. Planting of trees around the factory site
  3. Regular factory maintenance
  4. Regular noise monitoring
  5. Use of ear-muffs and ear-plugs by factory personnel working in the generator facilities of the factory.
  6. Built 150mm thick wall to separate generator room to reduce the impact of noise.
  7. Provide proper PPE for the worker adjacent to Noise creating machine.

Noise and Vibration Level Management

Adequate measures have been proposed for the control of noise and vibration from the power generator and other production related machine. Noise level monitoring would be performed periodically and the workers exposed to noise would have adequate protective device. Vibration protecting pad (shoe) would be provided under the generator to protect the vibration during operation. An inlet silencer shall be incorporated to reduce the noise level to the specified level. The silencer shall consist of individual noise absorbing exchangeable elements filled with mineral wool.

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“We all wish to see you growing up your business by doing no harm to our health.”

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